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Advantages of Artificial turf
- Feb 01, 2018 -

1, artificial turf can be installed in a variety of foundation surface, the basic quality requirements are not high, not afraid of cracking, no foaming off the worry, both simple and economic. And the natural turf is strict to the foundation layer structure, this kind of strict mainly embodied in the cost, high price and strict construction technology requirements, professional, experienced engineers are necessary conditions, there are more than five of the experience of the site can be basic to meet the needs of the site supporting the design requirements of standardization, spray system requirements are particularly stringent

2, Artificial grass maintenance simple, low maintenance costs, rinse with water can remove dirt, but also has no fading, not deformation characteristics. Natural grass needs professional maintenance engineer, nutrition agent pest control, pruning, watering, etc.

3, like the true grass, there is a sense of greening, variety complete, grass length can be selected according to the actual use.

4, Artificial grass playground overall layout beautiful, high usage rate, life expectancy of up to 10 years, and durable easy maintenance, all-weather continuous use. Unaffected by the weather

5, Artificial grass material environmental protection, finished construction, fixed duration and shorter, quality easier to grasp, simple acceptance, do not need too much expertise.

6, artificial pasture high utilization rate, both shock absorption, without noise, safe non-toxic, full of elasticity, flame-retardant performance and so on, is suitable for school use, is the best of the current activities, training, competition venues.

7, artificial turf to take the concept of security, so can avoid sports injuries. It provides enough cushioning to reduce the generally hard damage to the foot, so that you do not have all the concerns that arise from the site.

8, the entire field of materials are in line with environmental requirements, artificial turf surface can be recycled. The foundation laying uses the original excavation to discard the soil and the sand, conforms to the rubbish reduction and the use natural matter principle, is more environmental friendly.

9, the Foundation does not have with the surface layer adhesion. The face layer of the use of the end of the period only need to change the surface layer can be low investment costs.

10, the playground planning into a plane, without any irregularity, and the new structure has the function of damping and decompression, reducing the noise on the playground, reduce the interference to the class.

11, the lawn filled with a high proportion of quartz sand, or the use of free-padded lawn, remove some of the trouble of cleaning.

12, the use of direct drawing line, do not need to be plagued by frequent dashes, maintenance easy, almost no follow-up maintenance costs.