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Characteristics and construction technology of artificial turf
- Jan 31, 2018 -


Artificial turf has bright appearance, Four Seasons Green, vivid, good drainage performance, long service life, low maintenance costs.

The basic quality requirements of the artificial turf movement system mainly focus on three aspects: hardness, flatness and drainage slope.

The commonly used artificial Grass Foundation has three kinds: Asphalt Foundation, Cement Foundation, gravel Foundation, which type is mainly decided by the local climate environment and the budget, the time, the asphalt Foundation is specially suitable for the north temperature difference and the winter temperature low climate environment, also because of its expensive, is not the most suitable base type for a warm and humid environment, gravel foundation because of its simple construction, low cost, rapid drainage, relatively common in the South, but because of its poor steel and stability, long time after the use of easy foundation loosening, resulting in uneven foundation; Therefore, in most regions of the country, The cement concrete Foundation has become the economical and practical, the very high cost-efficient artificial grass foundation type. Double and sports based on a wealth of artificial grass system experience, on the artificial grass Cement concrete foundation do the following simple introduction:

1, the foundation surface smoothness requirements higher to ensure that the artificial grass layer thickness consistent, uniform elasticity. The pass rate of smoothness is over 95%,

5 meter ruler Error 3MM, slope: Transverse 8, longitudinal 5, semicircle area 5, surface should be flat, smooth, ensure drainage.

2, the Foundation should have certain strength and stability.

3, the surface is even solid, no cracks, no rotten edge pock, straight smooth seam, to 6000mmx6000mm about dice.

4, cushion laminating, compactness is greater than 95%, in the medium roller press, no significant wheel traces, no topsoil loose, waves and other phenomena.

5, the Cement Foundation must have the water layer, the separation layer uses the new PVC thickened diaphragm, the junction should be greater than 300mm, the edge allowance is greater than 150mm.

6, the need to consider remaining expansion joint, width of 5 mm.

7. The base maintenance period is 2-3 weeks.

No sand.

In the United States, the majority of artificial turf used in artificial grass fiber materials are high-grade nylon materials, but also the use of multiple fibers, and not sand-filled artificial turf can be divided into water and water seepage two. The lawn is similar to the natural lawn in appearance, partly with a shock-absorbing foam cushion layer, the shock-absorbing layer has many different density and thickness. Because in the domestic real master artificial turf laying technology manufacturers are not many, and more for foreign technology, therefore, in the laying of sand-filled artificial turf, especially the laying of shock-absorbing foam cushion must be completed by foreign experts. Under the shock bubble to pave a layer of smooth asphalt as the basis, the asphalt below also paved with gravel, sand and gravel as the basis, and the structure of the drainage system is the most critical link. In addition, this type of artificial turf in the installation process must use artificial grass special machinery, especially in some professional or expensive sports venues in the laying of the installation is particularly important, otherwise will not be able to achieve the site level and uniformity of requirements, For example, for the 2008 Olympic Games hockey training venues of Beijing LU City Sports Technical College hockey field and part of the special needs of the mobile artificial grass, tile artificial grass and other venues must be strictly in accordance with the above requirements of the construction.

Filler particles

Filled with granular lawn because of the international advanced level of good sports performance and good practicality in China by the vast number of users accepted. Most of its materials are polyethylene (PE) or polypropylene (PP) above the two materials of the polymer, the lawn of fiber than sand-filled lawn long, the surface of the next fill 2-3 mm quartz sand and rubber particles. Its movement characteristics are very close to the natural lawn, and can be used year-round and all-weather. Usually the lawn after the laying of 6-8 months to maintain the best state. This type of lawn is especially suitable for outdoor use, its warranty period is usually 5-8 years, but its actual life can be more than 5 years. In long dry weather, just sprinkle a little water on the lawn, you can reduce the risk of abrasion of athletes.

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