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Determining factors of simulation degree height of artificial turf
- Feb 01, 2018 -

Since the birth of artificial turf, it has been studied, if the test proved that the natural lawn and the appearance of difficult to distinguish the effect of artificial turf coloring technology is the key. In other words, the artificial turf composition pigment determines the level of the grass silk simulation.

In actual production, it is very good to use a combination of ferric oxide pigments and organic pigments to phthalocyanine. This high cost effective pigment, weather resistance is very strong, on the lawn, throughout the service life will not have the slightest intensity of color reduction; More importantly, it can be well matched to the natural color of the lawn.

In general, artificial turf pp fiber, grass blades only need 1% to 4% of the quality of the pigment, you can produce strong green. The whole process is easy to achieve, in the production process, the powder becomes easily dispersed in the matrix products in the powder shape. Because the pigment particles are coated with a special layer of protection, it can maintain good thermal stability and high temperature resistance.

Artificial turf is made of polyethylene, polypropylene and other raw materials, not green plants will not regenerate. The activity of regulating carbon and oxygen balances in the atmosphere. Although artificial turf can prevent dust to some extent, it does not have the function of absorbing poisonous gas and purifying atmosphere.

But it is not natural turf artificial turf manure that needs to be met throughout the day, increased consumption of water and other resources, high-intensity exercise for 24 hours, and maintenance of simple, fast, on-site drainage good flatness, is an ideal material to beautify the environment and sports venues.