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Eight characteristics of artificial turf
- Jan 31, 2018 -

A high-quality man-made lawn should have the following eight major characteristics:

1, All-weather: Completely unaffected by the climate, greatly improve the use of the site efficiency, and in the cold, high-temperature and other extreme climate areas to use;

2, Evergreen: natural grass into the dormant period, artificial grass can still bring you the feeling of spring; 3, environmental protection: materials are in line with environmental requirements, artificial turf surface layer can be recycled;

4, Simulation: Artificial grass is the use of bionics principle of production, the lawn without directionality, hardness so that users in the activity and natural grass no big difference, good elasticity, feet feel comfortable;

5, Durability: Durable, not easy to fade, especially for the use of high frequency of large, medium and primary school venues;

6, Economy: Generally can guarantee more than five years of service life;

7, Maintenance-free: basically no maintenance costs occur;

8, simple construction: can be in asphalt, cement, hard sand and other venues based on paving.