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How to distinguish the pros and cons of artificial turf?
- Jan 31, 2018 -

In recent years, the emergence of artificial turf, the market appears a lot of small manufacturers do not have artificial turf production, production of products to the price of playing the main card, but low prices corresponding to the inferior products, in the artificial turf is not understanding of the situation how simple to distinguish between good and bad products?

1, grass silk easy to drop hair, grass silk color is not bright enough, the reason is the production of grass silk selection of inferior raw materials.

2, back plastic thin, clear green, bottom cloth thin, affect the life of the lawn, grass silk easy to fall off, the bottom cloth perishable.

3, grass silk density sparse.

The poor quality of the fake turf is not uniform color dark, compared with the real grass obviously unnatural; in order to reduce production costs, not the use of harmless high purity of raw materials, or simply the use of material containing heavy metals recycling, and formulations than casual, such as Anti-ultraviolet, abrasion, anti-aging and so on additive weight is far from enough or incomplete, The strength of the substrate is insufficient, the gum is not environmental protection, it is the important factor that causes the false turf quality not to pass through. The final manifestation is not only bad appearance, but also the movement performance can not realize, the service life is short, even injures the human body.

Under the double impetus of the popularization of sports and the awakening of People's fitness consciousness, the construction project of sports facilities has been carried out vigorously, taking the Dongfeng, the fake turf industry is developing in full swing. At the same time, as a sunrise industry, the drawbacks also gradually appeared, fake turf enterprises mixed, industrial supervision is not in place, quality can not be guaranteed.

In the fierce competition, fake turf enterprises in order to seize the market share, coupled with a small number of unscrupulous businesses without the bottom line into the market, the price war is inevitable. In this case, enterprises want to profit, will be taken to reduce product costs, ignore the quality of fake turf, or even shoddy damage to consumers of bad means to achieve the goal.

So the vast number of consumers in the selection of products must find the right manufacturers!