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How to do the artificial lawn paving?
- Feb 01, 2018 -

Although the natural lawn is good, but maintenance is very troublesome, the key one year can not be there, so many public areas will have artificial lawn paving site, so the construction is how to end?

Artificial grassland

1, artificial turf before entering construction, according to the roughness of the first position, slope and appearance of the test, its error does not exceed 3m ruler flatness 3mm, must be based on the local climate characteristics to calculate the required data, only in the construction.

2, online measurement, found the entrance and two semicircular center point, according to three points positioning ruler line, set to line and sideline intersection, according to the Pythagorean theorem precise positioning in the corner, point, Line, and then set the function point and line direction;

3, the artificial lawn in the entrance direction of the spread of an edge to move, and ensure that the white line and the bottom line cloth roll on the grass is consistent, so the end of the volume of the lawn in the bottom of the push, the other end of the line together to ensure that the white lines and the median lawn, on the lawn, the white line and the other bottom line is consistent, in the open process, is to minimize wrinkles;

4, other woven white lawn, some, the need to cut the process into a width of 120mm white line, put aside, standby;

5, in each moment under the artificial lawn joints, grass pushing knives from the center of the slit, so that both sides of the lawn as many laps as possible, and then cut paper knives;

6, about 20 or 30 cm wide with a seam of artificial turf along the grass below, put the lawn in the connection center (if the rain is wet, exposed to dry, then 30) will use the rubber scraper universal glue evenly coated in the viscous zone, then the two lawns put together, glue, and rubber hammer, ensure close contact with the adhesive. If the joint straightening, the gap is larger, can be separated from here 2-5cm cut open, and extended to the interface, in order to ensure the appearance of beautiful;

7, artificial turf basic stitching the exact position and then pull out, the role of the line, with a cutting paper knife cut all the grass, the connection belt into, scraping gum, originally prepared white line back to grass, to use rubber hammer repeated impact to ensure convergence of some tightly bonded cement.

8. After being paved, the folding part of the lawn needs to be opened with a paper knife, straighten, remove the stacking part, and then adhere;

9, all the lawn after the end of the stick, began to brush grass cleaning machine, with a brush machine will be full of lodging grass line comb up.

Through the above process, our artificial lawn paving work is generally over, it can be said, compared with our usual work, do more homework needs our patience and careful, so it can be a good road.