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Pay attention to the purchase of artificial turf, learn to identify quality or bad
- Jan 31, 2018 -

The artificial turf does not seem to be much different from the natural lawn, but what really needs to be distinguished is the performance of the two, which is the starting point for the birth of the artificial lawn. Nowadays, with the development of technology, people pay more and more attention to the actual performance of artificial turf. The most important factor for the user who is exercising or playing on the above is whether it is safe or comfortable, while for professional athletes, sports performance is equally important in addition to these two points.

In particular, the following points are:

1. Comfort

The softer degree of artificial turf grass fiber is more fit to natural grass, the more comfortable, and lower the risk coefficient of motion.

2. Safety

Including abrasion and burns caused by exercise and excessive heavy metals, the former has a visual and visual impact on the safety of users, and the latter, if exceeded, will have great harm to the health and environment of users. European testing laboratories for heavy metal content of the standard requirements are very strict, Jiangsu Yi Chinese Lawn Co., Ltd. production of Sports Lawn is all through the EU-related certification, the indicators are all in line with international standards. , in contrast, most of the domestic testing laboratories for heavy metal content detection value is too broad.

3. Motion Performance

A. Rolling of the ball

B. Angle ball bounce, including angle

C. Mitigation and absorption capacity of the site

D. Longitudinal deformation of the site

E. Site rebound performance

With the increasing production technology, the performance of artificial turf will become more and more close to the natural lawn, so more and more widely used.