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Some issues need to pay attention to artificial grass paving and post-maintenance maintenance
- Apr 23, 2018 -

The outstanding advantages of artificial grass are its easy maintenance and low cost. In order to be able to use it for a longer period of time, and to maintain the quality level of the artificial grass as much as possible and its effects, the pre-installation, pre-use preparation, and post-maintenance cleaning of artificial grass are all Need to pay attention.


The foundation of artificial grass laying is currently used mostly in cement concrete and asphalt, both of which can meet the construction and acceptance criteria for artificial grass grounds: flatness, slope, foundation strength and stability. Qualified foundations can reduce the wear of artificial grass, the use of effects is also more secure, more comfortable, and can extend the life of artificial grass.


Sports type artificial grass generally need to be filled with quartz sand and rubber particles, so in the subsequent use may appear some uneven phenomenon, then you need to fill the filler, and use special tweezers comb quartz sand, rubber particles, making the surface Smooth and straighten the blades of grass. The normal frequency of use of artificial grass pitches is 4 hours a day. Over 4 hours are considered to be too high.


Putting some water on the artificial grass when the weather is hot can reduce the temperature. It should be noted that wet the surface when wetting the artificial grass, do not immerse the grass in water or be saturated with water, and do not use contaminated water to wet the site.