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The development advantages of soccer artificial turf in recent years
- Jan 31, 2018 -

The artificial turf in the football field has been very extensive in use, mainly because it compares with the natural lawn, its existence superiority is more outstanding.

First of all: the natural lawn in the foundation laying, must meet the lawn in the cultivation of standards, but also need to carry out regular fertilization, watering and conservation; the artificial lawn is different, it can be laid directly on the Flat Foundation, as long as the water is enough to ensure that the drainage is sufficient smooth.

Second: The natural lawn will be affected by the temperature and weather and other different effects are relatively large, grass in the growth will also appear uneven, and the limitations of the season is very large, then the artificial turf is the four seasons, and regardless of performance or appearance, always consistent.

Finally: Although the natural lawn is relatively good in touch, but its wear-resistant performance is very poor, if there is a more intense stampede, it will be more prone to broken and dead phenomenon; artificial turf is very tough, is indomitable type, but also can very quickly restore to the original state.