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The process of artificial lawn wall equipment
- Feb 01, 2018 -

In these applications, the construction process of the wall unit is reduced, there are two elements, the construction cost for a long time; lawn factory lawn width of 4x25 meters, lawn area of 100 square meters, but the unit area of 100 square meters, wall height of 4 meters, the practice of using an area of 3 square meters. Some even only a metre high, it requires engineers will be cut into several pieces of the lawn; second, a roll of grass composition is 200kg, so the composition is hard to glue the lawn strong fixed on the wall. To reach outstanding artificial turf bonding conditions, the artificial turf construction skills begged for the need to be done in detail.

Although the construction of the wall is very difficult, but the advantages of lawn equipment is undeniable, to give customers a bright sense of the eyes, a different label oil is so; workers in such a beautiful works of pride and self-confidence doubled, the first is to use beyond the age of ten years. The details of the small wall equipment support the weapons program, expect to help us.

1, auxiliary tool equipment need to be prepared before: long ruler, wallpaper knife, artificial turf, special glue, brush, rubber hammer, dragon skeleton, electric drill, nail.

2, artificial turf construction joint skills, need to contact artificial turf floor or wall clean clean, monotonous, without water, to adhere to its appearance, artificial turf before the construction of joint skills, also need to be in the 5 ℃ of ambient temperature selection of artificial turf construction should be dispersed; 24 hours of lawn, lawn surface tension of artificial turf, the effect of releasing no folds, More beautiful.

3. The dragon skeleton is fixed on the wall. The dragon skeleton clings to the wall, with a brush to some of the nails need to draw a small circle, with the nails in a small circle, the dragon skeleton firmly fastened to the wall.

4, according to the height of the wall, with wallpaper knife to cut the lawn into the required scale, with nails fixed on the keel frame, the edge of the lawn brush some glue to prevent cracking. Monotonous time should be controlled in the monotonous process of artificial turf. After glue general 10-30 minutes, gum eight or 90% dry, non-stick hand touch is accurate. Disposable artificial turf construction begged to paste the cement, not paste into the moving object after pasting.

5, artificial turf in the construction process protection: artificial turf construction, protection time is generally three days, view the ultimate strength of generally 10 days. Artificial turf in the construction process should be careful to protect the artificial turf, to prevent the artificial turf soaking and movement, so that the adhesion of artificial turf to the status quo.

In the process of artificial turf equipment, different from other equipment is required keel support, which is the first of the wall equipment, only a more reliable fixed artificial turf.