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The use of common artificial turf in life
- Jan 31, 2018 -

Artificial lawn unconsciously has gradually infiltrated into our lives, you will find in many places have been used to artificial lawn, and its application is very extensive, the following and small to understand together, the main man-made turf in our daily life in which to use. First, ornamental use of artificial turf, the normal choice of color for green, and the color should be more uniform, leaf fine is also more symmetrical. Second, open space to use the artificial turf, is mainly available to provide open rest, walking and games and other outdoor sports, the general will choose the toughness is relatively large, relatively thin blades, and very resistant to trample artificial turf. Third, the use of artificial turf, the artificial turf relatively diverse in species, the normal network of the structure of the main, and contains fillers, but also very resistant to trample, the main is also a certain buffer protection performance. Although the artificial lawn does not have the natural grass what kind of oxygen-making function, but also has a certain solid soil and sand control effect, and artificial turf in the protection of fall, more than natural grass strong, will not be affected by any weather, the use of life is also relatively long, therefore, by a large number of use in football fields and other related sports venues.