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A Few Reasons For The Wide Use Of Turf
- Feb 01, 2018 -

The turf of a football field is the foundation of the whole football game, so the quality will have a direct impact, or the key factor of the competition, is also known. The main reason is that the lawn will directly restrict the athlete's speed and safety on the field, which will directly affect the service life of the whole stadium.

First of all, the artificial turf of the football field is fully in line with environmental requirements, the lawn surface can be recycled.

Second, because its foundation is not bonded between the surface layer, the surface layer of the service life is full, surface layer can be directly replaced.

Third, the football lawn artificial lawn design, will not appear any uneven phenomenon, and the structure also has the function of damping and decompression, effectively reduce the noise on the playground.

Four, the whole space used is relatively high quartz sand, to ensure that the movement can not get dirty body, but also to solve the problem of cleaning difficulties.

Five, because the whole stadium is prepared by direct way, no need to be underlined, in the maintenance is not only simple, but very convenient, basically no maintenance costs.