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An Important Contribution Made By Artificial Turf To The Earth And Mankind
- Feb 01, 2018 -

With the improvement of people's living standards, people's ideas have changed, environmental protection has been ingrained in people's hearts, become our ultimate goal. Because of the increasingly serious environmental damage, human beings are suffering more and more disasters, the formation of these disasters and people wanton destruction of the nature of the environment, the endless exploitation of natural resources is a great relationship.

In many areas, some natural resources have been unable to meet the needs of people, in this case more and more artificial products, such as artificial lawn. It is the emergence of the nature of the exploitation has also reduced some, at least to allow the natural grass to grow better.

Human living environment will also be because of the emergence of these artificial lawn, adding some vitality of the atmosphere, but also greening our environment. In a word, the appearance of artificial lawn not only beautify the Earth but also protect the ecological environment of nature, for both individuals and the earth are beneficial.

Because the artificial lawn is mainly made of polymer materials, it is necessary to use quartz sand or rubber particles to press the grass silk, and the turf stability. To a certain extent can also reduce soil erosion, under normal circumstances, the laying of artificial lawn, are the lower level with quartz sand, the upper layer with rubber particles. Of course, there are some high-end free-padded grass, more environmentally safe.

Since the artificial lawn is different from the natural lawn does not have any soil, so when the above movement, when there is a collision or fall is also very vulnerable to injury. However, if the artificial turf when the addition of a suitable amount of rubber particles with high elasticity, it can effectively simulate the feeling of the soil, to prevent injury.

On the surface, the artificial lawn will be more smooth than the natural lawn, so adding the right amount of rubber particles can provide greater friction, and the use of artificial turf in the performance of effective promotion