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Artificial Lawn Door Mat Carpet, Beautiful Dust-absorbing Fire Protection
- Feb 01, 2018 -

Because the door mat uses, the function, the appearance shape, the material different, the door Mat's kind also different. Among the many species, the door mat lawn rug stands out. Lawn carpet safe, durable, is the leader of the door mat family; share the knowledge of lawn carpet and mat.

Basic knowledge of door mat:

The door carpet is more useful, indoor and outdoor, elevator door are used. Carpet can be dust-proof, non-slip, the appearance of the model has modular, carpet, rectangular type, etc. the material of the door mat has pure cotton, acrylic, rubber, cloth, new material (lawn material) and so on.

Door Mat Material Features:

Door Mat cotton Material: advantages, all natural fibres, cotton and skin contact without injury, breathable; disadvantages, cotton-padded door mats wrinkle easily, hair removal. Fiber Material Door Mat: Advantages: breathable, low cost; disadvantages: fiber Material door carpet shrinkage, folding phenomenon. Fabric Material Door Mat: Advantages: Low cost of door mat; disadvantage: not slippery, short use time. Rubber Door Mat: Advantages: Environmentally friendly odorless, easy to clean, recyclable in the manufacturing use. Artificial Lawn Door Carpet: Advantages: Durable, long time to use, environmental protection and safety, Non-slip anti-wear performance.

Door Mat Function:

Use the doorway carpet to decorate the indoor and outdoor, beautify the surroundings. Anti-skid and wear-resistant function. Like the door mat new material artificial lawn carpet, damping and Non-slip, anti-static strong, good friction. Dust-absorbing function. Door laying carpet, mainly to avoid the soil into the interior, the door mat in this can play a very good dust-proof role.

Because the consumer is different, consumer demand for the door mat is not the same, some people just to pay attention to decorative effect, then the door mat used time will not consider too much, if the consumer is exquisite beauty, but also the pursuit of Low-cost doormat, artificial lawn carpet is the best choice.

Artificial lawn door carpet grass silk density is high, more than ordinary door mat dust absorption effect better. In addition, the normal qualified artificial lawn door mat are strict quality inspection, fire retardant, no formaldehyde, lead and other harmful substances, high safety factor, and artificial lawn carpet UV, anti-static, Non-slip test, the performance of qualified index standards.

In addition, the artificial lawn bottom non-slip performance is strong, grass silk thick, do not take off grass, do not degumming, never fade, lawn artificial lawn carpet dust-absorbing effect is good, can effectively absorb soil, and artificial lawn door mat easy to clean, pat or water flushing can.