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Artificial Turf Is Widely Used To Become The Market Focus
- Feb 01, 2018 -

Artificial turf from the beginning of development to now, gradually into people's lives, in China and even the global market has a pivotal position, the choice of people from the natural lawn slowly transformed into artificial turf. Compared with the natural lawn, artificial turf is almost unaffected by the weather, can be used in the outdoor all-weather, in the maintenance of relatively simple, one-time input, can be long-term use, lawn maintenance advantages outstanding. At the same time, elasticity, texture and natural turf are not comparable, but also eliminate the natural "injustice", all this makes the artificial lawn has received unprecedented attention, so in today's market is widely adopted.

Now the artificial lawn not only walked into the large sports venues, schools, organizational units and other public places, but also walked into the major communities, construction. Even some residents because the man-made lawn blanket can not only non-slip, dust, easy to clean, Four seasons Evergreen, and so on, now began to become residents of the household furniture decoration supplies, balcony greening embellishment. Therefore, artificial turf is now well received by everyone, this is the domestic artificial turf manufacturers continue to emerge, the rapid development of the cause of the industry.

Artificial turf is based on the modern movement of the comfort of the site design and manufacture, it fully imitate the natural lawn, highlighting the anti-UV performance, wear resistance and stiffness effect, the largest range of applicable to a variety of site sports. From the professional competition venues to the mass training venues as well as the stadium of the large and middle schools, the world's sports venues play a role. Each of the different artificial grass products in the market price is different, and its face of the consumer groups also have high, medium and low-end points. Therefore, the artificial pasture users should be based on their actual needs and engineering budget, from a variety of comprehensive consideration to choose the right artificial grass products.