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Artificial Turf Market Is Developing Rapidly, Leading The Trend Of Sports Fashion
- Feb 01, 2018 -

In recent years, artificial turf in the stability, lawn maintenance, non-slip, appearance, color and so on have been greatly improved, and the natural lawn is getting closer. Therefore, it is more and more widely used in international competitions.

Natural lawn, you need such as pruning, irrigation and fertilization, usually using 2-4 years of normal life the life of artificial turf is about 8 years to 12, the need for regular removal of surface debris, the uniform filling of grass stems upright, and annual comprehensive inspection, from the overall life cycle cost, artificial turf far lower than the natural lawn, Further reduce costs.

Natural turf can withstand a limited range of use no more than five games in a week, and rain and snow can only be postponed. At the same time, natural turf is not suitable for too many non-competitive activities, such as large area of public activities, the lawn caused great damage. Artificial turf can be used throughout the day, using unlimited frequency, can also be used for baseball and other sports. Some group activities or large exhibitions can also be arranged on artificial turf, but pay attention to the lawn's weight and long-term overload.

The auxiliary materials in the construction of artificial turf are also very important, which directly affect the laying quality of artificial turf. The choice of glue is different from indoor and outdoor waterproof performance glue choice, Anti-ultraviolet standard is also different. The tensile properties of domestic connectors are not ideal and are easily broken. However, the construction requirements are very strict. Although upfront investment cost is high, but can save a lot of maintenance funds.

With the vigorous development of sports industry in China, the artificial turf playground has become a symbol of modern sports facilities in China. In recent years, artificial turf in school sports venues, kindergartens to all parts of the country leisure places. I believe that in the near future, excellent artificial turf with its excellent performance into our lives, leading the new trend of movement