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The Beginning Of The Industrial Chain Of The Artificial Lawn Market
- Feb 01, 2018 -

It is understood that the foreign occupation of plastic fake grass has entered a stable development phase, whether from raw materials, equipment development and production is still lawn, road plastic lawn, sales, shopping malls are relatively mature, in the normative market operation, there is a relatively perfect industrial chain and industrial structure.

The beginning of the industrial chain of plastic fake lawn market
In China, since 1999, the introduction of artificial turf, a few years, the country has not less than 20 consecutive home production, plus in the domestic agent of foreign brands, artificial turf in China has begun to take shape, career has gradually formed an industrial chain.

With the promotion of artificial turf in Europe and the United States, by the middle of the 90, China began to introduce artificial turf. It was quickly accepted by various sports organizations and developed rapidly, and opened the prologue of the development of artificial grassland in China. According to the movement in China's artificial turf rapidly promote the use of artificial grassland, a large number of foreign brands into the Chinese market, and in such an environment, China is gradually showing a strong foreign equipment and technical support, and set up a large modern production base of fake plastic lawn production, sales in a country's enterprises.

The fine features make the plastic fake lawn develop rapidly in China, although it has been popular in China 10, but the user accepts it in a very short time. In addition to campus, many professional sports centers in China, such as Beijing, Guangdong and Jiangsu, have used plastic lawn as the main sports ground successively.

To make the plastic lawn of European countries, the overall performance of the lawn is false plastic material than China, China's plastic lawn for not less than 10 time, with the plastic fiber lawn constantly updated and manufacturing machinery innovation, China's plastic lawn development is very fast.