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The Hotel Is More Suitable For The Use Of Artificial Turf
- Feb 01, 2018 -

It is not hard to find that the hotel is more suitable for artificial turf than the golf course, and the golf course is more suitable for the real lawn. The reasons for this can be explained in three ways. One is the user base, the other is shoes, three are professional level.

You know, the hotel and golf scene for different customer groups, hotel guests are going to visit, the meeting is mostly, and golf course guests are to play. Therefore, the golf course is made up of real grass, the hotel should choose artificial turf as the ground.

This is because the real lawn golf course is more exquisite, so shoes or sneakers are usually not suitable, so some golf courses imposed, guests must wear inlaid golf shoes is allowed to end. The hotel even has a golf course, it is also a recreational sports facility, so it has the artificial lawn above it.

Mainly because the artificial lawn has no requirements for shoes, and it's better stability, service life and relatively long, so that every interested guests can feel the charm of golf, greatly improve the satisfaction of hotel guests.

Another point is suitable for the professional level is not the same, artificial turf are suitable for both professional and non-professional, and the real grass is not particularly suitable for non-professional professionals, easy to leave deep scratches on the site, it is difficult to repair.

From the above point of view, the artificial lawn is more suitable for hotels, not the real grass, regardless of the guests are right.