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The Lawn Is Also ''replaced''
- Feb 01, 2018 -

Compared with the natural lawn, artificial turf needs less manual maintenance, can adapt to frequent sports competitions, does not need irrigation and mowing, the cost is relatively low.

In the 80 's, the artificial turf suddenly caught on in the major football clubs. But because of the poor effect, the reputation of the artificial turf has become very bad. This was banned by FIFA, and the large club reopened the lawn.

In recent years, the emergence of a new generation of artificial turf, so that "man-made goods" is expected to return to the stadium The new artificial lawn is made of quartz sand and rubber, the natural lawn is soft and safer under cold conditions. Today, many clubs are starting to use the artificial turf. FIFA also allowed the stadium to pave the lawn. European Cup 2007, once used artificial turf, but Uefa or the final rule, must be on the natural lawn, only under the influence of climatic conditions, natural turf can replace artificial turf.

In the scientific community, the new man-made lawn attracts many positive and negative studies. Previous studies have shown that injuries to the ankle sprain and anterior cruciate ligament tear do not increase with training or playing on the lawn, but may increase chronic pain in athletes, especially adolescents. But a recent study in Japan found that young players, mostly trained in artificial turf pitches, did not increase, whether they were acute or chronic. Previously reported increases in chronic diseases are mainly due to the prolonged use of artificial turf in any season and climate.

In addition, some studies have found that the hardness of artificial turf increases the chance of a head injury when the athlete lands. But other studies have shown that the third generation of artificial turf is more "soft" and rubber padding reduces head collisions. According to researchers at the University of Cardiff, the head of an athlete's injury depends more on the quality of the natural grassland: good natural turf is safer than artificial turf, but if there is no protection from natural turf, then artificial turf prevails.