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U C W Shapes Different Shape Of Grass
- Apr 24, 2018 -

What sets our artificial grass apart is the realistic colors and our engineered grass blade. With naturally existing colors our artificial grass are the most true-to-nature synthetic turf offered anywhere. Focusing on its most perfect state is what we have captured.

Our W-Blade is the latest in engineered blade durability. Resembling a “W”, it offers 2 “spines” for maximum resilience and longevity. For your highest traffic, heaviest wear areas .yet still delivers an all natural look and feel.

Our S-Blade grass has a radial curvature that mimics the letter “S”. This allows the blade to stand strait while maintaining a very soft, realistic feel. Simply stated, our S-Blade is the softest engineered blade available anywhere.

Our C-Blade is the “hybrid” blade of the HT line up. It has a “C” curvature that allows for suppleness and resiliency similar to natural grass.

Our U-Blade designed leaves stand upright under more than usual amount of pressure. That make the grass softer !

The important point is we have a blade for all applications that will look great and offer outstanding performance!