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What Are The Safety Standards For Artificial Turf?
- Feb 01, 2018 -

Why the artificial lawn is so popular, compared to the real grass, lack of protection and other aspects of the late fees, but is not said to be easy to produce, in order to ensure our safe application, we must comply with the requirements of safety standards.

Artificial grassland

First, in order to ensure that the artificial turf does not contain heavy metals, eight kinds of soluble metals are suitable for (cadmium, lead, mercury, chromium, selenium, arsenic, barium, antimony) provisions. To remove constraints and ensure the inspection of goods through professional organizations.

The second is to ensure that the artificial turf is properly configured, properly planned and provided with safety protection. The lawn mat provides the perfect impact effect and reduces the damage caused by the fall.

Third, to ensure that the artificial turf has antibacterial effect, to prevent the child on the lawn in the probability of bacterial infection, a safe, comfortable children's area, supply activities, fire safety level has a higher resistance rate, can reduce the children's entertainment area fire.

Four, off the force of grass = 120n (12.2kg), a single cluster of tensile strength of about twice times the standard to prevent children from swallowing grass.

Of course, there are a lot of artificial turf, the rules of trust, not only to set the rules for manufacturers, for consumers, we also need to comply with safety regulations, use it for us better, so we should pay attention to.